Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is when I meet with a person 1-on-1 to help them with whatever they are seeking help for.

For an individual counseling appointment, you and I would meet either in person or online for up to an hour per appointment.  During this time, we work together to address your concerns, regardless if they are current, from your past, or about your future.

A typical counseling session starts with me asking how you are doing.  This is my way of inviting you to share anything pressing, urgent, or significant for us to discuss.  Sometimes patterns might emerge and we can talk about that, too.

I typically take one of three approaches to working with people individually.  You can learn more about these approaches in my About page.

I usually end the session with a few minutes left by asking if anything else needs to be said.  This is my way of inviting you to share anything you didn’t say yet but want to.  If you said all that needs to be said for the session, that is ok, too.

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