Couples and Family Counseling

Couples Counseling

Our culture is full of fairy tales that end in “Happily Ever After” marriages for the main couple in the fairy tale.  Unfortunately, life isn’t always like what we see in the movies and the relationship isn’t what he dreamed it would be.

Sometimes, this disappointment – often due to a breakdown in communication or the behaviors of one or both partners – becomes the focus of the relationship.  Despite these challenges, there is hope!

Couples counseling provides a safe space where the couple can learn to have the relationship they want to have.  Often, couples will learn how to effectively communicate with each other and express their needs and desires, all while addressing the underlying emotional concerns leading to the conflict.

Family Counseling

Like with couples counseling, sometimes there is ongoing conflict between parents and their adolescent.  This can be very frustrating for both the parents and the adolescent.  This can be made worse when it seems like the other person is intentionally trying to be aggravating.

Family counseling provides a safe space for the family to discuss the underlying emotions and concerns and develop more effective ways to communicate with each other and meet each other’s reasonable expectations.

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