DUI/Drug and Alcohol Assessments

We offer a thorough assessment for those required to have Anger Management, DUI/D&A, Dual Diagnosis, etc. evaluations by a court.  This assessment is 2 hours long and includes an in-person interview, multiple screens, and as required, contact with additional sources.  This assessment can be used for:

  • Anger Management Evaluation
  • DUI/D&A Evaluation
  • Dual Diagnosis Evaluation
  • DOT-SAP Evaluation

The cost of an assessment is $200. There is a turn-around time of approximately one week from date of the eval.  Results will be sent to the mandating court/PO/etc. and to you.

Please contact us to schedule an assessment.

DOT-SAP Assessments

As required by US-DOT, these assessments are 2-part.  The first time we meet, I will complete the initial assessment as listed above.  In addition, you will complete releases for the DER and MRO that oversaw the drug/alcohol test results.  Like the standard assessment, turn around time is about 1 week and results will be sent according to relevant DOT laws and regulations.

The second assessment is upon completion of treatment recommendations. This is to verify that treatment is complete with no further inpatient or outpatient treatment needs.

This assessment costs $500, including both assessments. are covered in the initial fee.  Additional assessments, if needed, are $250 each.

Please contact us to schedule an assessment