Anger Management

Anger is a powerful emotion that can drive us to make decisions we later regret.  I offer a court-accepted Anger Management program that provides insight into anger and provides support to implement new concepts and skills.


Anger Management is 8 sessions and begins with 3 individual appointments where the situation(s) leading to you seeking help are discussed and education is provided about anger.

After the individual appointments, 5 consecutive group sessions help provide support as information and skills are implemented into your daily life.


  • Events and Cues
  • Anger Control Plans
  • The Cycle of Aggression
  • Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Anger at Work
  • Anger at Home and in Relationships


Individual Sessions: $150 Total in person, $75 total online

Group Sessions: $50 Each in person, $25 each online

Total Cost (Individual plus groups for 8 weeks): $400 in person, $200 online

Return Policy

Any person completing the Anger Management program may continue to attend group sessions if agreed to by the group leader.  If a person completes and ends group attendance, they may resume attending the groups by notifying the group counselor at least 1 day in advance.

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