Service Fees

Service Fees

1-Hour Appointment:
In Person: $100*
Online: $75*

45-Minute Appointment:
In Person: $75*
Online: $55*

30-Minute Appointment:
In Person: $50*
Online: $35*

In Person: $50 / Group
Online: $25 / Group

Appointment Add-On: $25 for up to 15 minutes

DUI/D&A Assessment: $200

Anger Management Assessment: $200
– Assessment is included for Anger Management Program

DOT-SAP Assessment: $500 for 2 assessments
-$250 for any additional assessments

Administrative (Writing a letter for court, calling your PCP, etc.): $25 per 15 min.

No-Show Fees: Same as scheduled appointment fee for no-shows and appointments canceled within 24 hours


*Please note that appointment duration begins at the scheduled start time of your appointment.  Appointment duration is determined from the start time of the appointment to 7 minutes after the noted time.  30-minute appointments can last up to 37 minutes before being converted to 45-minute appointment.  45-minute appointments can last up to 52 minutes before being converted to a 1-hour appointment.  1-hour appointments can last up to 67 minutes before an Appointment Add-On is added.  This is to allow flexibility towards the end of appointments while respecting your time, my next appointment’s time, and my time.